Elvenhome N Gauge Model Railway Layout – Creating the Pub Interior Ep93

In this video of my N Gauge Model Railway layout, Elvenhome, I carry on the work of scratch building the Pub. I show how I am going to create the interior for the pub, including creating the benches on which the customers will be sat. There are two more channels for you to consider watching in the Two to Watch series. I also have received some of the materials to complete the ballasting and scenic work around the main depot. I show the results of the test using different ratios of Ballast Magic to ballast.

00:00 Introduction
00:47 Building the interior of the pub
07:50 Two To Watch
10:36 Creating benches for the inside of the pub
19:23 Ballasting and scenic work at the main depot

Pork Chop Express


N Gauge Shelf Layouts

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