Kato N Scale DCC Layout

DCC control at the time this video was shot was via an NCE Power Cab coupled with an SB5 booster: https://tonystrains.com/product/nce-5240025-power-cab-dcc-starter-system.

All of the locomotives are equipped with ESU Loksound DCC decoders:

A basic dog-bone track configuration using four main tracks. Multiple crossovers in the middle create four reverse loops on each end for a total of 8 reverse sections. Each reverse section is controlled by a DCC Specialties PSX-AR.

The Kato Snap turnouts are controlled by a DCC Specialties Jack Wabbit. The Jack Wabbit is a Quad decoder and can control 4 turnouts via DCC command, push button/toggle control or via AutoThrow where the turnout will auto-align for an oncoming train:

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