MODEL TRAINS My N Scale AMT Commuter Train First Impressions

DECEMBER 20 2019 Please LIke and Subscribe! I wish I worked for Atlas and I wish they would send me free stuff. They did not sponsor this of course. I give my enthusiastic opinion because its a Montreal prototype, and we don’t get much home grown stuff in Model railroading. That said, I give my first impressions of the models that cost me so much money. Its a model I never thought I’d see in N Scale, and I’m surprised Atlas even made this model. Some things that could’ve been improved are close coupling, maybe some grab irons and hey, maybe give me a 3rd car in the train set, but overall a great effort by Atlas to capture the essence of the AMT commuter train. After looking at the box again, I think the picture was taken in TMR at Mount Royal Station pedestrian rail crossing, that was closed to car traffic years ago.

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