N Gauge Model Railway Layout October Update – Elvenhome EP110

In this latest video showing the design and build of my N Gauge model railway layout, Elvenhome, I complete the work of painting the figures to go on the layout. I also return to building the engine shed and start work on building the roof. Another new locomotive has also joined the fleet.

As promised in the video here is the list of the colours used in painting the figures

Vallejo Model Color (acrylic)
70.809 Royal Blue
70.810 Royal Purple
70.846 Mahogany Brown
70.874 Tan Earth
70.875 Beige Brown
70.907 Pale Grey Blue
70.915 Deep Yellow
70.916 Sand Yellow
70.918 Ivory
70.926 Red
70.930 Dark Blue
70.940 Saddle Brown
70.946 Dark Red
70.950 Black
70.955 Flat Flesh
70.961 Sky Blue
70.970 Deep Green
70.974 Green Sky
70.982 Cavalry Brown
70.984 Flat Brown
70.989 Sky Grey
70.992 Neutral Grey

Two sets
Equestrian VAL 70144
Naval Steam Era VAL 70146

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