N Scale: Modeling Elan’s 1st Train Ride

Elan went on his first real train ride at the Minnesota Transportation Museum (AKA: The Jackson Street Roundhouse) in St. Paul, Minnesota (August, 2020).

-Prototypical locomotive: Northern Pacific (NP) EMD engine #105 SW1200 Diesel-Electric Switcher
-Model locomotive: N scale Life-Like Trains engine #135 SW9/1200 Switcher

-Prototypical coach car: Rock Island Commuter Coach #2608 from Chicago
-Model coach car: N scale Micro-Trains 83′ Heavyweight 12-1 Sleeper Car

-Prototypical caboose: Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (CB&Q) #13500
-Model caboose: N scale Atlas CB&Q #1318 (Burlington Route)

We used a Micro-Trains Line N-Scale Coupler Starter Kit in this video.

Rock Island decals by Microscale Decal (60-1133, Rock Island Steam Locomotives [1937-1954])

We shopped at Scale Model Supplies in St. Paul, MN. http://scalemodelsupplies.com/


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