N Scale Trains

N Scale Trains
Created on 1/4/17

A-Train4014 Productions Owner/Founder, Andrew Mangalindan reveals his model railroad layout. This is where inspiration sparks for new video ideas for A-Train4014 Productions. This is also the only place where Andrew Mangalindan does his work and spends most of his time at home. Enjoy the sights and sounds of N Scale model trains as well as Andrew’s model railroad layout. It is not completed even though there are many N Scale train projects on his list that he has yet to do including getting a freight train started. After making a recent N Scale train set, Andrew began to expand his model railroad layout in his basement. On the layout, there are four operating lines starting from the outside going in that include the following trains.

Steam Layout (First Track)
Union Pacific 844
Nickel Plate Road 765
Pere Marquette 1225
Southern Pacific 4449

Santa Fe Super Chief (Second Track)
Amtrak Empire Builder (Third Track)

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