N Scale Model Railroad built by the Maas and Waal Model Train Club in the Netherlands

This model railway layout, built in N scale, presents a partly restored castle ruin situated on a mountain in a hilly and wooded landscape in Germany. The focus of this model railroad is on the castle and on the single track railway line that leads around the mountain. The members of the Maas and Waal model train club would like to show the railway in the 1960’s, when trains on this route had not yet been electrified.

Therefore, the railway traffic is very diverse with both steam trains and diesel traction and ranges from express trains and longer freight trains on the main route to local passenger trains and occasional rail buses. The layout was designed specifically for model railroad exhibits because the dimensions are 2.5 meters in the width by 1.0 meter in the depth.

The Maas and Waal model train club used PECO rails and points for the construction; the PECO rails were first pinned with thumbtacks and then permanently glued with wood glue. Furthermore, the landscape and forests are made with elements from Woodland Scenics.

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